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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A "Kind" Kind of Book

So I am reading a new book right now that I am loving very, very much!  It is called, "The Kind Diet" by Alicia Silverstone (yes, the one from "Clueless").  She is, in fact, very clued-in (haha) when it comes to her body and her environment and food.  I am so captivated by the way she writes.  I can almost feel her positive and heartfelt energy as I read the book.  I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.  Sometimes you can read a book and it feels like cold, hard facts and information.  Sometimes you get a fiery, amped-up, angry energy like in "Skinny Bitch."  Sometimes we need that kind of energy to get us moving!  But this book really feels like a warm hug.  :)

She really dives into how what we eat affects others around us and the Earth and also, of course, our own bodies.  It is a new and refreshing perspective on things that are sometimes hard to swallow (no pun intended).  If you want to check out her blog/website for more info, you can click here:

OR you can check out the book here:

If you have read the SB book I always talk about and are looking for more of a daily implementation of what they talk about in your life, you can check out:

They have a daily (M-F) newsletter that is packed full of great info, recipes, and products.  I look forward to reading it each day.  I have found some other really cool websites linked from there as well.  Check it out!

This week I lost 1.8 pounds!  I am down 45.6 pounds - just 14.4 pounds to go for the race in August!  I know I will get there, it is just hard b/c I want to be there now!  By the way, if you are frustrated with your weight loss and such, please take time to read this article (below).  I think that we all kinda get a skewed view of reality due in part to shows like The Biggest Loser (even though they are great motivators as well).  Just remember it is a PROCESS...I am now telling myself that over and over again!  ;)

Due to the fact that my kids now refuse to nap, I am cutting it short today (Lord help me).  Here are some things that I think are pretty groovy this week:

Kombucha - say what?  It is a handmade Chinese tea that is cultured for 30 days.  It's got all kinda great benefits and for people wanting to kick the pop habit - there is no sugar and it is fizzy.  WARNING!  Do not shake it b/c it will explode...and...it kinda smells like vinegar.  I really love it, and now my sis loves it too...thank you, Jaime, the zen food master!  The brand they sell at Sunspot is Synergy...here is their site for more info!

Sleep - not sleeping is WAY overrated - can someone please tell my kids this????

Sanity - once again, being a crazy-nut-bag is WAY overrated and frankly, I'm over it...

Sorry for the sarcasm...really I just ran out of new things to talk about!  ;)

P.S. Make sure you sign up for the Haynes Apperson 3 mile walk or 4 mile run.  I'd love to have some company!  You can register online here: Register or check out the details here: Details

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  1. Loved her book too! I was a super hero for a couple of weeks! Keep up the good work girl!