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Saturday, August 7, 2010


What exactly is "mycoprotein?"  Well, I'm certainly glad you asked!  It is the hot topic of the day because I am in love...with a fungus...and its name is mycoprotein.  Here is a fab website dedicated to this fungus among-us:

Some of you might have some across it in the grocery aisle...mainly the freezer or health food section.  The brand that is all about it is "Quorn."  They have a line of faux chicken patties/nuggets which are so good I can't even begin to tell you and also these WONDERFUL things called "grounds."  HALLELUIAH!  I have been searching for something to use as a substitute for ground beef in my recipes since I stopped eating meat.  I tried Morningstar Farms' meal starters "crumbles" and they are so-so.  They get pretty mushy and gummy after a bit.  They are soy-based which is fine but I try not to over-do the soy factor.  I love the Quorn grounds because the texture is a dead-ringer for meat.  I can't say it tastes like beef because the only thing that tastes like beef is, well, beef!  BUT...it gave our spaghetti sauce a great meaty texture and made it quite filling.  My next experiment is to use them for tacos...and I think I could make meatballs out of them too!

Basically, mycoprotein is in the same family as truffles and morel mushrooms.  Its cell structure is similar to that of the muscle fibers in meat.  Once harvested, the strands are then mixed with free-range egg (so this product is not completely vegan) and spices and then it is frozen.  The freezing process helps the strands bind tightly together and gives the product a dense, meaty texture.

Here is a "Cobb Salad" I made for lunch using one of the Chik'n patties - it was SO yummy! I cut up 1 Quorn Chik'n Patty and added it to 3 cups of "Very Veggie" salad mix (it has snow peas, carrots, cabbage, and radishes), a handful of grape tomatoes, 1 baby cucumber, 1/2 an avocado, and some yellow onion.  The dressing I used is Newman's Own Light Honey Mustard.

The bottom line...if you don't like soy or are scared of faux meats...please give this a try.  I guarantee that you would not even know the difference between a real chicken patty and the Quorn brand chick'n patty.  In fact, I think the Quorn patties are even better!  You can find them at Kroger's and Sunspot and I am sure Meijer although I have not looked for them there.  Of course, Whole Foods also carries them.  I believe they have faux, spicy chik'n wings as well.

OK.  This week I lost 0.2 pounds!  Yay!  Hey...I will take it...after four pounds last week I was expecting a gain.  :)  That brings my total loss to 62 pounds, which brings me to my new goals...

Goal #1: 80 pounds by October 1st.  

Goal #2: 90 pounds by November 2nd (my son's 1st b-day)

Goal #3: 120 pounds (my own personal goal) by February (a year from when I started)

I have said from the beginning that my main goal was to be under 200 pounds again.  By February I want to be there. Now, I realize that I will still have some weight to lose in order to reach my WW goal and lifetime status, but I will be happy when I see the scale read 199.  Goal #1 has an added incentive.  80 pounds lost will bring me to 240...most roller coasters have a warning in fine print that states people with heart problems and people who are pregnant shouldn't ride. It also says that anyone 250 pounds and over may not be able to fit into the safety harness or restraints and may be asked to exit the ride.  Embarrassing.  It happened to me several years ago.  The "girls" didn't cooperate (and I don't mean Sydney and Makayla).  Anyway...I am planning to go coaster crazy if I hit my October goal and y'all are welcome to join me and my hubby!  King's Island is open every weekend in October, so I will be planning a trip there if I reach my goal.  Wish me luck!  The Beast is calling my name!

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