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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chatty Cathy

First off...I would like to apologize to anyone who was at the 9:00 WW meeting this morning.  I know my friend and I were awfully chatty today.  It won't happen again...at least for a few weeks. ;) There is just something so freeing about Saturday mornings for us - oh, I don't know, maybe the freedom of no kids, no responsibility, and something that we call our own?  Our Saturday morning meeting has become our ritual and it's a place to vent and a place to encourage and build each other up.  My girl lost today and I was so over-the-top happy for her that I couldn't contain myself!  Again, I apologize.  Here's me today:

Chatty Cathy Video

Something really hit me today - something wonderful - as I was standing in line to weigh-in. I saw someone light up with joy.  I saw someone feel alive again.  I saw someone with hope.  After she weighed-in she turned around and said, "Hallelujah!"  :)  It made me think about all of the times I felt stuck in the over-sized, over-worked body I was in.  It made me remember how it felt to be hopeless.  For a second I could put myself back in that place and feel that gut-wrenching emptiness, loneliness, and defeat.  I am so thankful that God reached His hand down into the pit I was in and so thankful that He reminded me that I, through Christ, could overcome the seemingly daunting task of losing weight and getting healthy.  It is truly something worth screaming, "Hallelujah," for!

I used to think that there was something wrong with me because I just couldn't love myself in the state I was in.  I'd see people who seemed to ooze with confidence who were "bigger" than me.  Now I really believe that the confidence I saw was a facade.  I really believe that we all long to be at our best - a place where there is nothing holding us back.  Whether we want to face it or not, weight is a barrier, for a lot of things.  There are stigmas associated with being overweight - and prejudices.  It's just the way life is.  I look forward to unlocking more and more of who I was made to be each week.  I think God smiles each time I lose a pound - not because of the number but because with each pound I lose I gain back 1 more piece of myself.

This week I lost 1 pound!  Yay!  That brings my total to 76.2 - 3.8 away from my 80 pound goal. The "Lose For Good" campaign ends 10/23 at 11:30 pm...I think I can pull off 3.8 pounds by then!  :)

Confession: I had a little run-in with ice cream and mini chocolate chips this week.  I was having an angry/stressed-out moment, and my weapon of choice was a spoon.  Thankfully, I counted my points and started over the next day.  What kind of battles have YOU had this week?

By the way, this recipe is amazing!  It's from Little House of Veggies...please check it out!

Apple Harvest Salad and Dressing

Have a great week!


  1. I had a run in with a donut and later in the week icecream. I ate half the donut and threw the rest away, and I ate half the icecream (a pumpkin blizzard thingy) and put the rest in the freezer for the girls. I was angry with my choices and I look back on what I did and why, and it is just weakness, fatigue, stress etc. the same emotional crap that got me here. But we're picking it back up today and moving on=)
    Oh, BTW Way to go Jaime!!!! And awesome job ISM!!

  2. Yay for picking up and moving on...so proud of you, Mandy!!!! Love you!