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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sticky Situations

Feeling Stuck?

What was the last thought, idea, dream, offer, opportunity that you shrugged off, shied away from, talked yourself out of, doubted, or gave up on? I used to think that things in "God's will" were easy and didn't require much work or effort...they just magically fell into place. However, the older I get, and the more intentionally I chase after God's will in my life, the more I see the opposite is true. God will always make a way (even when it seems like there is no way possible) and God will always be there walking beside you and will bring people and opportunities into your path at the perfect time...but we have to be willing to step out and make ourselves available when He calls. I have found that most of the time when I feel stuck in my life it is because I said, "no," to something (big or small) that I should have said, "yes," to. Usually the no comes from a place of fear or uncertainty. Most of the time the fear creeps in because I have unknowingly shifted my focus onto what I can do and my own capabilities and limitations and not where it should be - what GOD can do and His capabilities - they are limitless!!

When I recognize that I am stuck and remember WHO is in control then I am able to step out in confidence. Once I move past the stuck places and conquer those fears and insecurities God usually (but not always) responds with an outpouring of new opportunities and connections, and I gain wisdom that I will need for the next leg of the journey. That is a beautiful place to be in even though it doesn't last long before the next step of faith needs to be taken. 

Growing into who God created you to be is hard work, messy work, and sometimes painful work. It exposes the darkness and brokenness in you so that God can shine light on it and provide healing to others who are struggling. It is not for the weak or the prideful or the faint of heart. Actually...I take that back! It IS for the weak and the prideful and the faint of heart, the insecure, inadequate, broken, least qualified...but it is not an easy road and it takes constant, mindful surrender every single day. I say all of this to say:

Don't give up!! Press on, and fix your eyes on Jesus! He has already made a way for you and He is with you wherever you go!

Here are some of my favorite verses I cling to when I am in a stuck place or having "growing pains":

Hebrews 12:1-14
Joshua 1:6-9
Philippians 2:13
1 John 4:18
2 Corinthians 12:9
1 Peter 5:6

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