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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's for breakfast? 7/19/10

So this morning I woke up with a dilemma...what WILL I have for breakfast today?!?  OK, so it wasn't really a life or death situation, but it was pretty important.  I have found that if I eat a good and filling breakfast it helps me keep from snacking my way through the day.  

During my breakfast brainstorm I remembered a blog post I read last week about a runner who made a smoothie (post-run) with cherries and chocolate almond milk.  She also added protein powder and all that jazz - which I don't need considering the only thing I will be lifting today are my 21, 26, 31, and 32 pound children and the only running I'll be doing is after my oldest son when he gets into, well, everything.  :)  Also, these last couple weeks the WW challenge has been to make sure you get your 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily - really a no-brainer for a vegetarian/vegan, but sometimes it's still hard.  This little number has 3 servings of fruit and one "dairy."

Chocolate Cherry Bomb Smoothie

1 cup fresh cherries, halved and pitted
1 medium-sized banana
1 cup light chocolate soy milk (or almond)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 T mini chocolate chips
1/2 T raw cacao powder (it is different than cocoa)

Put all ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse until smooth!  I think that if you are better than I am at planning ahead it would be even more delicious if you freeze the banana and/or cherries overnight first.  It will be more like a milkshake and nice and cold!  Like I said, the smoothie is 3 servings of fruit and one "dairy" (yes, soy milk counts as a dairy) and it makes a ton for 8 points!

I knew I needed a little something more to hold me over b/c I usually don't get to even think about lunch until the kids are asleep at naptime (which is about 1:00/1:30), so I also had an Everything Bagel Thin with 2T of Trader Joe's Mediterranean Hummus - 2 pts.  (thank you to my in-laws for stopping on their way home yesterday to get my precious hummus...I was starting to get the shakes after being without it for 2 weeks!)

I need your input!  I have a lot of recipes that I have tried lately and love.  I need to know which ones you would like to have!  Here are the options...pick your top 2!

Moroccan Rice with Saffron
Polenta Casserole
Cheesy, Oozy, Guacamole Bean Dip
Black-Eyed Pea Croquettes with Dijon Glaze
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

All recipes are free of dairy and sugar...and all but the oats in the oatmeal cookies are gluten-free as well.  :)

VOTE!!!  And definitely go get your breakfast on!


  1. I would LOVe the black-eyed pea croquettes with dijon glaze. Those were so yummy!

  2. I would like the Polenta Casserole & the Bean Dip

  3. May I have all of them please?!

  4. You know I'll post them all, Kisha! ;) Just seeing who was reading!

  5. Cheesy, Oozy, Guacamole Dip & Black-eye pea croquettes with dijon glaze. please.