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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

Late, tardy, delayed - the story of my life.  I am always running behind.  I know it's a lack of planning, but with four kids - life is just unpredictable.  Someone always has to poop or goes just as I put them in the carseat.  Today...it was a seemingly empty can of Diet Coke that my husband left in the van.  I pack everyone in the van, go to buckle them in and see that the girls had attempted to drink what was left of it and spilled it down the front of their clothes...we were heading to preschool...

Anyway...speaking of late...what happened to my Saturday post?  I know, I know.  You were all just sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what I gained or lost...right?  ;)  Last week was a great week for me!  After having a gain I always stand at a crossroads of do I quit or do I press on?  I chose to press on and it really paid off!  Last week I lost 6.2 pounds!  That brings my total weight loss to 73.2!  My goal is to hit 80 pounds by the end of our Lose For Good campaign!  I think I can, I think I can!

What did I do different that made me lose so much???  Wait for it...nothing.  Yes, I said nothing.  I didn't change a thing.  I stuck with eating fruits and veggies, limiting sugar and white flour, and upping whole grains.  I tracked my points.  I worked the program.  That's it.  I have really found that sometimes my body just gains weight.  I could eat bread and water all week and I might still gain...why?  I don't really know, but I do see that I have a pattern that my body usually follows - Lose big one week, lose normal 2 weeks, lose very little or gain...start over again and repeat.  I think it is a combination of hormone changes, sometimes getting a little lazy with tracking, and mostly just my body adapting to the big changes it is going through.  What is YOUR pattern??

Speaking of changes...I have been having a horrible time with my feet.  They hurt so much all of the time.  It has progressively gotten worse the more weight I lose.  I am not sure if they are just adjusting to the new me or if there is something really wrong.  I know that carrying around the extra weight all of these years has probably done some damage, but I am hoping it will get better.  Anyone else experience this after a weight loss?

Lastly...a love note...

Dear Quorn,
I love you.  Do you love me?  Circle yes or no.

Yes                                                           No

Quorn has once again wooed me.  I found a new product that I am in love with - their Naked Cutlets.  Sounds pretty cheeky, eh?  Basically it is the closest thing to a chicken breast on the planet other than an actual chicken breast.  LOVE!  It has sealed the deal for me and now I know I will never even dream of chicken again.  Buh-bye!  ;)  Seriously, though, they are wonderful and only 1 point per "cutlet."  I used one today for a delish chicken wrap.  I just cut it in half (cooked of course), added some homemade ranch, romaine, tomato, green pepper, cheddar veggie shreds, and pickle and wrapped it up in a Rudi's wrap...YUM!  You have to try this!!!  


  1. Sounds good. What is your recipe for homemade ranch. I've tried a couple cannot find one the kids like.

  2. I used a seasoning packet that I found at Sunspot called "Simply Organic." I mixed one packet with 1 c. plain greek yogurt and 1 c. Vegenaise. If you want to use it as a dressing you might have to thin it down b/c it definitely is a thick, dip consistency. Some day I'd like to make my own ranch from scratch, but this is as good as I have found so far...

  3. Aubrie,
    I love reading your blog, you are honest, to the point and an excellent writer. Keep up the good work and continued success in your journey. I'm with you!

  4. Woo HOO!!! Great job on the weight loss! That is so great! I love reading your posts now! You are so witty and funny! Its refreshing! :) Im glad I came across your blog! keep the posts coming and stay focused on your goal!!