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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Mama's aStore!

I just finished creating my own aStore on Amazon.  I know...a what??  Well, basically, it is an online store through Amazon that is linked up with my blog.  I pick what items are in my store and then you can purchase anything I talk and rave about in my blog!  Fun!  It is also a way to make a little money doing something I love!  Amazon pays me to promote their site...just like many of the ads you see off to the side or bottom of my blog.  I really like Amazon because they have just about anything you can dream up and usually FREE shipping!  I have always gotten my items fast and have been very satisfied with their customer service.  If you have the time...check it out!  I will be adding new items as I find them.  Happy Shopping!

The Incredible Shrinking Mama's aStore

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