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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candy Demons

I'm never really amp'd to announce when I have a gain.  That might explain the delay in this post...well...that and a busy weekend! ;)  This week I gained a measly 0.2 pounds...no biggie, but still.  That brings my total to 80.2 pounds lost which brings me to GOAL time!  Since I met my last goal I need to put up a new challenge.  I have been thinking and crunching numbers and have decided that my next goal will be...100 pounds by January 1st.  I am aware that this may be a lofty goal...especially with holiday food and festivities coming up, but I think with a little extra effort and planning I can pull it off! :)  We'll see...

Speaking of holidays...how was YOUR Halloween?  I have to admit, I totally went into the weekend confident that the candy wasn't going to tempt me this year.  I was wrong.  We didn't buy candy this year (thank goodness), we bought mini bags of popcorn and play-doh to hand out, but just the sight of candy (especially chocolate) sent me back to a kid-like state. I remember the days when my sister and I would just eat Halloween candy to our heart's content and think nothing of it.  I mean, we're talking Pixie Sticks, Smarties, Milky Way, Snickers, Reese's, M&M's, Bottle Caps, Dots...you get the idea.  I wanted to be there again, but then reality set in.  My rational side reminded me of how BAD sugar and HFCS is on my body...and how crazy sick it would make me feel to binge on a boatload of candy.

The problem?  Not eating the candy made me want to snack on everything else.  And...my son had his 1st b-day party on Sunday...and there was a delicious cake...with like 2 inches of icing on it.  :(  I had one piece, but I WANTED the whole thing.  After waking up the next day and smelling the sweet icing aroma...I had to pray.  And after prayer didn't tame my cake demons, my husband had to lovingly send 7 pieces of birthday bliss down the garbage disposal.  Ahhh!

The truth is that I thought I had these cravings in check - for good.  I was wrong.  I guess it was just a reminder of why I am here.  A glimpse of what it will be like for the rest of my life.  There are always going to be those moments - some unexpected - where I have to be strong and even where I have to ask for outside help to keep myself in check.  I did overeat this weekend - just mindless bites, licks, and tastes (as they say in WW).  BUT...I didn't give up and I didn't quit.  I picked up the next day and started over - tracking all of my food and checking off the important stuff - fruits and veggies, grains, "dairy," proteins, etc.  I'm looking forward to a great weigh-in this weekend despite my Sunday slip-up! :)

Photo by: Breanne Adams

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