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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

Well, I did it.  I fought Thanksgiving...and I won!  After the week I had I was pretty sure I would have a gain, but I was very pleasantly surprised to lose 0.4 pounds this week!  Considering I probably gain 10-15 pounds every holiday season, that's a real plus - I mean minus!  My total loss as of today is 83.8 pounds!

So how did I do it?  I really don't think there was any special methodology or formula.  I ate a big salad at both T-meals which filled me up a lot and then I ate lots of veggies and fruits. I left out the stuffing and breads for the most part (I did have a small roll at my in-laws).  I didn't eat turkey this year which was really weird for me b/c it's a pretty big deal for my family.  Anyway, I didn't really miss it much.  There was so much other yummy stuff to sample.

I tried to keep my portions small (for the most part), and I still felt full - VERY full at that!  I did have a little dessert.  My sis made a killer gluten-free/sugar-free apple pie that I had a small slice of,  and my mother-in-law made like 6 pies (apple, pecan, pumpkin, sugar cream, and chocolate - whew!) that I took 1 bite samples of.  Yum.  :)  That's about it.  Oh, and I drank a lot of water so that I would stay full and not want to nibble!

All in all, I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving this year!  I didn't feel stressed out about what I was going to eat and that was nice!  I made a super-delicious Vegan Green Bean Casserole that I wanted to share the recipe to.  You can find it on this site:

I also made one of my fav fall salads using a recipe from Little House of Veggies.  You can find it on this site:

On top of holiday feasting I also had the privilege of running away to Indy with my husband last weekend.  We had a blast to say the least.  It was filled with some delicious food!  One of my favorite meals was from a restaurant on Mass Ave. called R Bistro.  I wish I would have taken my camera in with me to photo our amazing food and dessert.  It is a quaint little place - small and charming.  If you blink you might miss it!  

The restaurant is situated next to a chocolate shop (perfect placement in my opinion) and seats about 20 tables.  The menu is fresh, all organic/free-range/grass-fed, and a lot of the veggies come from a garden behind the restaurant.  They change the menu every week to take advantage of whatever is in season.  Such a cool concept!  There are a handful of entrees and always a meat-free option.  I had tomato and red lentil soup as an appetizer, celery and parmesan tart with roasted pumpkin and a wild greens salad with a sherry vinaigrette for my entree.  Our dessert was perfect - dark french-pressed coffee with chocolate truffles (2 truffles - one dark chocolate, one milk chocolate).  Ahhh-mazing! :)  Definitely check this place out if you are in Indy!  Here is their website:

You can sign up to receive menu updates each week and then plan a time to visit when the menu suits your tastes.  You will not be disppointed! :)

Have a GREAT week!!

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