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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet PointsPlus!

Sorry for the delay! I have been adjusting to some new changes in the Weight Watchers universe.  Just last week WW launched its new program - PointsPlus!  This will be my second full week working the new program, and so far I love it!

You might be wondering why WW is changing things up, I mean, didn't the Points program work??  Of course it did!  I lost 80+ pounds following it...BUT...there is always room for tweaking!  One reason I love WW is because they are really science-based.  It's not a crash diet.  There is no magic bullet.  Ultimately it is designed to help people bridge the gap between weight loss and life-long behavior change.  The other reason I love WW?  They really try to lead you into a healthier way of eating...and that's why I Iove this new program even more than before.

It's always up to you.  WW can't force you to eat your veggies. You can lose weight using the Points program by eating less-than-healthy options and never even look at a fruit or vegetable.  If you are in your daily/weekly range, technically you will lose weight BUT chances are...you'll be back in a year or two with even more weight to lose the next time and you'll feel crummy...no one wants to feel crummy all of the time!  The PointsPlus program helps gently push you toward making better choices.  The biggest change? FREE fruits and veggies!!!  (HOORAY!) The other big change?  The formula with which the PointsPlus are figured by.

With the Points program a "point" was figured by the calories, fat, and fiber of the item you are eating.  Now, the formula is based on fat, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber - no more calorie counting - how's that for a Christmas present!?!  The result is a more accurate (in my opinion) view of what a healthy food vs. a non-healthy food rates.  What I have noticed these past couple of weeks is that the foods that are higher on the PointsPlus scale are ones that I should probably eat less of - with the exception of a few like the avocado (it has pretty high values, but completely worth it for the amount of nutrition you get in my opinion!).  I am reaching more for fruits than I have in a long time...and I love it!

I have to say that I am proud to be a part of a program that is constantly changing...it keeps things fun, fresh, and relevant.  I am also very proud to be a part of a movement toward health and wellness through eating more whole fruits and veg and less processed crap! ;)

Now for an update on my progress...last week I lost 2 pounds and this week I lost another 0.8 pounds.  That brings my total to 86.6 pounds!  I am getting so close to 100 - I can't believe it! :)  My current goal is to lose 100 pounds by the New Year.  I am thinking that I might have to push the time frame back slightly.  Not because of holiday eating just because I feel like it will be setting myself up for failure to try and lose 13.4 pounds in 3 weeks (that's like 5+ pounds a week).  So, my new goal is 100 pounds by the end of January (that's more like 2 pounds a week).  I think that is much more realistic and will help me maintain a steady, healthy rate of weight loss.

Here are some new, festive products that I am really "celebrating" this week:

Silk Nog - You can find this sweet treat by the soy milk in the organic/health-food section of the grocery.  I absolutely love it.  It fills me up with Holiday cheer without filling me up with guilt.  It is a dead-ringer for the real thing and would probably be even better with a little rum in it...haha...shhhh...

Endangered Species Drinking Chocolate with mint - I already love this company for their out-of-this-world delicious chocolate bars that boast unbleached, water-filtered beet sugar instead of HFCS/corn sugar or refined white sugar.  They are rich and decadent and have flavors ranging from chocolate with hazelnut toffee (yum) to chocolate with cranberries and almonds to chocolate with blueberries or raspberries.  Every one I try is just as good or even better than the others.  My favorite is the dark chocolate with mint.  Anyhoo...this drinking chocolate is a powder that you mix up with hot milk (I use unsweetened, organic Silk or unsweetened Almond Breeze).  It is SO warm and cozy.  You have to try it out.  The mix does have some sugar (unlike the bars) but I think it is an OK treat on occasion.  Oh, and by the way, it is an Indiana-based company and each purchase from Endangered Species benefits the planet (10% of all profits are donated).  Check out their website here:

Lentils - I guess this isn't technically "festive" really, but they are a wonderful comfort food for cold weather and they are packed with protein and fiber.  I made a WW Slow Cooker Lentil Soup this week that was so filling and delicious.  It has become a new family favorite!  Here is the recipe:


**Disclaimer - I am not being paid by WW to endorse their program.  These are solely my own opinions and experiences.  If you would like more information on the new PointsPlus program, please refer to www.weightwatchers.com - thanks!!

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