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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ode to American Eagle Jeans

There are very few material things in life that I get excited about.  I gave up on fashion a long time ago - even more so when I became a mom.  There's just something that doesn't quite line up with designer duds and spit-up.  Sweet potato puree doesn't look too sexy on a pair of stiletto heels either.

I pride myself in getting by with a few good pieces in my wardrobe and a handful of not-so-great pieces that I refer to as "work clothes" and/or pajamas.  However, I have always loved a great pair of jeans.  (and no I am NOT referring to pajama jeans - lord have mercy)  You all have probably picked up on my slight obsession with finding cute denim.

A couple of years ago (and more than likely pregnant) I was de-cluttering my closet - getting rid of things that I had been holding onto in hopes that they would fit again one day.  Reluctantly I added a pair of American Eagle jeans to the black trash bag.  They were simple - nothing fancy, but worn-in and by far the most comfortable and best-fitting pair of jeans I had owned.  Visions of wearing them again faded and I passed them on.

I don't recall stepping foot in an American Eagle store so I can't remember how I ended up with a pair of AE jeans.  I mean, I have nothing against their clothes. They sell really nice stuff, but they are slightly over-priced in my opinion...and their clothes are typically on the small side.  Come to think of it...maybe I went in the store with my sister to buy a purse or hat or something.  Who knows?

Normally I don't regret giving things away, but these jeans have haunted me from the day I got rid of them.  The other day they crossed my mind again only this time I realized that if I would have held on to them I would have been able to wear them again!  Ugh!  So...I set out to find another pair!  To my surprise American Eagle still sells jeans (enter sarcasm here)!  Imagine that!?!  I ordered a pair and awaited their arrival.

When they came I ripped open the package and immediately had to try them on.  They were soft and had just the perfect amount of distressing (which my parents still believe is a rip-off) and they fit!  I jumped around and modeled them for my kids who are always willing to dish out compliments.  By the end of the night...I noticed something...they were too baggy!   I debated on whether or not I wanted to let them go again...only this time I was happy to send them away because they were too big NOT too small!!  I can't wait to get my new pair in the mail next week.  Upon opening the package, I will once again leap around like a fancy unicorn! LOL. ;-)

This week I lost 1.8 pounds!  That brings my total to 96.2 pounds - 3.8 pounds to 100!!

I am going to start a series of blog posts inspired by a great cookbook I got for Christmas called, "Color Me Vegan."  Aside from being a GREAT cookbook, it is packed with tons of information about nutrition.  I can't wait to pass along some of the valuable info as well as some delicious recipes!

Have a great week!


  1. First of all...totally awesome! Way to go!!! Woohoo! I am SO happy for you! (I know, I know, I say it all the time) Okay, moving on...the leaping around like a fancy unicorn killed me. If I was drinking I would have shot it through my nose!! The mental picture alone was awesome! There you are in you flowing locks of hair, and these stellar jeans that are so magnificent that they have a glowing aura around them. As you leap and jump the children ooo and aaah as they bask in your jean glory...well you get the picture! ;) Love you!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Finding a good pair of jeans is so hard to come by. I am happy for you and I expect to see a beautiful pic of you in your jeans, hopefully someday I can get my fat butt in a pair of those jeans!