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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun with pictures!

Now that I figured out how to add pictures to my posts...let the fun begin!! :)

Looking into my fridge these days makes me smile! We just got our first order from B&B Organics a co-op in Kokomo for produce. Here is my happy, healthy fridge (hee hee...check out the milk crammed in on the bottom shelf):

Here is a shot of all the bananas and oranges and apples...we go through A LOT of bananas in this house!

By the way, the oranges are from Sam's and they are SO very sweet and juicy. My mother-in-law convinced me to forego my usual Clementines to buy these...they are worth it!

And here is my favorite pizza made with the Flat-Out "wraps."

Mmmm...now doesn't THAT look yummy!!

In the next few days I am going to compile some "before" photos so that I can have some pictures to compare my progress to. Normally I would pick the best of the best pictures - ones that hide most of my imperfections, but not this time. I am digging deep for the worst of the worst...the ones that I try to hide away and never look at! This will serve as my motivation and inspiration!

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