Feelin' Chalky

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have really been thinking this week about how much my weight has affected my life. I think about how much it has been a spiritual and emotional battle. God didn't create me to be self-conscious. God didn't want me to feel isolated and shameful. God created me so that I could bring glory to Him. I know that there have been many times in my life that I have shied away from following His lead because I was too scared about what other people may think. That makes me sad. The evil one loves that...loves to revel in my pain...and loves that I am not "all there" for God.

I am changing that right now, every day, and the evil one hates it. I really felt the lies creeping in last week, telling me that I am doomed for failure; that I always fail. Reminding me of all the times I have been down this path before and how many times I have ended up right where I started. These lies were working on me pretty good. In fact, I was so nervous today to weigh-in that I was almost sick to my stomach. There are two songs this week that have really been a light to me in my mental darkness. Here are some of the lyrics. I hope they can inspire you too:

"When I feel like caving in/My heart, my soul is wearing thin/I just wanna give up/And nothing seems at all to add up/Can you hear me, Lord?/My face is down upon the floor/It's then you whisper in my ear/Be still and know I'm here..." "Be Still" by StorySide: B


"And if our God is for us/Than who can ever stop us/And if our God is with us/Than what can stand against?" "Our God" by Chris Tomlin

Very. Powerful. Words. I know that God is up to something bigger than I can even imagine - He always is. And I hope that He will continue to use me to inspire others, and to teach my children, and to bring Him the glory that He SO deserves!

This week I lost 2.8 lbs! So far, my total is -17.6! One day at a time, one choice at a time...

Stay tuned for Monday's full Holey Donuts review complete with pictures...mmmmm!


  1. Keep it up! We're proud of you!

  2. I love your honesty and admire your courage! Please keep sharing your journey.

  3. So true sis.... so true. Love ya! I'm soo proud of you.