Feelin' Chalky

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hodge Podge

This is going to be so random that it will make your head spin...you just wait!

Why do I dislike breakfast so much?? Anyone else out there that has to be very cognizant about eating in the morning? I have to literally remind myself everyday that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." (this is said in a nagging, motherly voice when I hear it in my head) I KNOW that you need breakfast to get your metabolism running and to get your blood sugar back up...I just don't really LIKE it all that much. Cereal is pretty blah, and I could live without everything else except maybe bananas.

Meanwhile I was thinking about fat the other day...the fat in our bodies. Where does it go when we lose it?? Anyone really know the answer? Does it dissolve? Does our body break it down and send it out as waste? I'd like to know, so if you have the answer...TELL ME! Also, do you think that fat cells have memory...stay with me for a minute. All of our other cells have somewhat of a "memory" stored in them. You know how you hear about transplant patients receiving an organ from someone else and all of the sudden they have recollection of things that they didn't before...like that other person is being expressed in some way through their organs...hang on I'm getting there (land the plane! as my hubby says). So...maybe our fat cells have "memory" of the time our lives when they were created and just maybe that is why we have plateaus? MAYBE we stop losing weight at times b/c we haven't worked through something yet and we are holding onto it...and MAYBE once we work through it and release it we allow ourselves to lose that fat that we are holding onto. I know it's a little out there, but that's the way my brain works...just a thought...

Finally...my kids are driving me CRAZY!!!! I just needed to get that out. Thanks. :)


  1. I have a lot of thoughts :) (and a little experience in the field...) you never actually lose your fat cells, you just shrink them... by using up the stored fat in your body...which is why exercise is extremely important in long-term, maintained weight loss... and yes, I believe our cells have a memory which is why it's important to trick your body with variety in foods and activities... that's the short of it!

  2. oooh, that is actually a really good way to think about it! Instead of being frustrated that you've plateaued - figure out what you're holding on to and release it. Excellent observation. :-)

    I dislike breakfast as well. Who says we have to eat 'breakfast food' for breakfast? Maybe there is something non-breakfasty that you would rather eat to get the day started?

  3. So, you didn't start this post with "so." So maybe your memory cell's memory is off...

  4. Thanks Suzie! I should have just asked you...you are definitely an expert in the field...by the way...other than jicama - what was in your asian slaw? What did you use for dressing?

    Bethany - you are so right! I am going to rebel and vow to eat non-breakfasty food tomorrow! Hmmm...what shall I have?

    Morgan - So...you paid close attention...you get the reading comprehension award of the day! Yay! And my cell's memory storage is always off! ;)

  5. or maybe the reading retention award?

  6. Good thoughts! Even if they were "way out there" I think that is why I failed the first time with ww. I had lost enough to really feel and look good, but I plateaued FOREVER!!! After about 6 months I started gaining it all back. Looking back on it I really sabotaged myself... frustrated I was stuck, frustrated I wasn't at my goal. Frustrated that my body would never be what I thought was ideal. I couldn't let go of this lie that I had told myself. And the reality is at that time if I weighed 125 lbs it still wouldn't have been enough. So where am I now... I am struggling to get back on the wagon, but I am trying to change my thoughts, I am trying to learn to accept myself no matter what weight I am. It is not about being thin, it is about being healthy,not only physically but mentally too!

  7. Not that it'd be great every day, but try doing something like a fruit parfait for breakfast. Cut up some fruit, get some low fat yogurt, and throw in some granola...it's delicious...and not overly breakfasty. If that doesn't work....get some beef jerky....seriously.

  8. Great tip, Tony! Thanks!

    Mandy - totally understand what you're talking about. It IS about health not pounds. Losing weight should be the bonus prize. I have to keep telling myself that b/c i am SO competitive and always want to outdo myself. So, after losing 7 pounds the first week I was trying to "beat" myself the 2nd week...silly...