Feelin' Chalky

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

I had a revelation today as I was heaving my 4 kids into the van trying to bust it to get to my WW meeting...OK, TWO revelations: 1. I am WAY more crazy than I thought, and 2. I really do want this. This morning I had every obstacle thrown at me to prevent me from going, and I CHOSE to go anyway - even if it was a disaster. I had visions of children running around the meeting room, knocking things down, screaming, you know, the usual stuff they do at home! ;) I prayed with tears in my eyes as I pulled into the parking lot that God would shut their mouths like He did for Daniel in the lions den...seriously, that story crossed my mind as I prayed. So how did it go?? Better than I could have imagined. The kids were all quiet and thanks to my WW buddies they had extra laps to sit on and things to play with and of course they ate their goldfish like champs!

Here is what I learned from this morning. You make time and you fight for what you think is important and you make excuses for everything else. I have spent most of my life making excuses, and that was just simply my way of saying that I wasn't ready. I think it's OK to not be ready. I also think that there is never going to be a better time. Life doesn't stop. Stress doesn't stop. Things may change but there is always going to be an excuse. I don't think many people would argue with me if I said, "I can't do Weight Watchers right now and exercise because I have four kids under the age of three - I don't have time to track or cook or exercise." But, if I can do it now with them being so small while in the midst of chaos, then I can definitely do it when they are older. And...while they are still small...I still have that window of opportunity to set them up to win in their own lives. I don't want to see them struggle like I have. Just as good ol' Dave Ramsey says (and I am totally paraphrasing), "I want to change their family tree."

This week I felt zapped. I have felt myself wanting to slip back into old patterns like not eating breakfast, but I pushed through it. I ate yogurt and fruit and granola most days for breakfast because it was quick and easy and filled me up. My favorite right now is The Greek Gods honey flavored Greek yogurt with Udi's original granola and sliced strawberries and bananas...I call it "bliss!" I was talking to my leader today and I think that one misconception about Greek Yogurt is that it is higher points so people want to shy away from it, BUT it also fills you up and keeps you satisfied longer because it's so much higher in protein. I think it is totally worth it!

Ok, so I didn't do the high kick today in the meeting because I was holding my son (see there I go making excuses) but I did make it under 300!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! This week I lost 2.6 pounds which brings my total to 22.4! :) We are getting ready to start training for a 5k in June, so I am going to dust off the walking shoes and get my booty moving! I will work on getting a video of the high kick...I owe you all one!


  1. Yay! I love you so much and you are doing such a fantastic job. Keep analyzing and talking. It helps others more than you could ever know. I still want to see that high kick though! The kids were awesome!!

  2. Such an inspiration. If you can do it with your crazy, wonderful life - than anyone can. I love following your journey and I'm so glad you're blogging it!

  3. Bethany - I need to get the Dance game you have for Wii...sounds like a great workout! ;)

  4. I look forward to reading your blog everyweek. You always touch on something that I am either struggling with or curious about. Keep up the good work. Your children were angels @ the meeting. You have much to be proud of!
    Michelle Anderson
    WW Kokomo Saturday 10 am meeting sister! : )