Feelin' Chalky

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 6 Update!

Gosh, it feels like time is flying by...here we are again at Saturday!

This week was fun. We started trying out e-mealz (see last post for more info) and I really think it helped me with meal ideas that the whole family could eat...and like - and that were healthy. That was nice because I sometimes feel slightly isolated in all of this, always having to do my own thing. This week the meals sound super-yummy, can't wait to try them!: Cilantro & Lime Shrimp (w/steamed red potatoes and sweet peas), Black-Eyed Pea Soup (w/ corn bread muffins and sliced strawberries), Pineapple Chicken (w/ orange ginger asparagus), and Tomato Baked Chicken (w/ sweet potato and carrot puree). :)

I have been thinking a lot about Christ and His death on the cross and resurrection this week because, well, it's Easter. BUT...also because I think it applies to so much of our daily lives. I think that we all have that resurrection power inside of us through Christ. We don't have to ever feel "stuck." We have the opportunity to start over and change for the better with His help. That truth is what I am leaning on heavily right now.

This week I lost 2.2 lbs. for a total loss so far of 19.8 lbs.! I have two big milestones (in my head) coming up in the next couple of weeks 1. losing 20 lbs. and 2. under 300. I tell you i will straight up do a high kick right in the middle of my WW meeting when that first number goes from a 3 to a 2! ;) No, I will not video tape that moment and post it in YouTube!

Happy Easter!


  1. I will come early and be sure to get video coverage if you need me to! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Love you girlie! xoxo

  2. Please video tape it! Pleasee? :-)