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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit

Warning!  Ingesting beans may cause...well...you know.  ;)  i guess you could always use Beano!

I had the best burrito yesterday...and today.  The best part?  I made it at home!  I wanted to share this ultimate burrito with the world!  I got the idea from our weekly WW newsletter, but I added and subtracted a few items.  i will list all the items you need and then tell you the portions per burrito.  Here goes:

Aubstar's Burrito Grande!

Mission Life Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas w/ DHA
Corn (I used Steamfresh Selects bicolor corn and it was excellent)
Black beans
Fat-free refried beans
Green onions, chopped
Grape tomatoes, halved
Avocado, sliced, with a squeeze of lime juice
Shredded Lettuce

Hot Sauce
Fat-free sour cream
Shredded cheese
Chicken or ground beef

OK, so the kids had a "naked" and deconstructed burrito.  We are still in that stage where they don't like their food to intermingle very much.  They like to make sure I am not throwing in worms, I guess.  Anyway, I bought a rotisserie chicken for them and my hubby and shredded it, gave them black beans with cheese sprinkled on top, taco rice, and corn.  Makayla and Jadon like lettuce and tomatoes so they ate that as well. For MY supper (and lunch today), I took a tortilla, spread 2T of fat-free refried beans on it, and heated it for 20 seconds in the microwave.  Then, I added about a 1/4 cup of black beans and corn, and about 2-3 T of green onions.  I sliced 6 grape tomatoes in half, and then halved and sliced an avocado, and finally sprinkled shredded lettuce on top.  This makes a very full burrito, but it saves you 2 points for another tortilla.  If you have the points, definitely opt for two normal burritos...it gets pretty messy with just one!  The points value for one burrito with the above portions is 8.5.  Now, the avocado itself has 4.5, so if you are trying to conserve points you can always leave it out, but who wants to???  It is a nutritional powerhouse and makes the burrito very rich and filling...mmmm!  Also, if you want an extra kick, salsa is "free" points and so is 1T of fat-free sour cream.  The cheese, rice, and chicken/beef add points on fast, and really you don't need them!  The flavors in this burrito are so yummy without any extras.  Plus, the beans have enough protein and fiber in them that will keep you nice and full for a long time!  Fantastico!

Sidenote:  Have you noticed just how efficient your body is when you are eating healthy?  Exhibit A: I had a horrible looking "injury" on my right middle finger - right on the knuckle...and it hurt...bad.  Anyway, Saturday it looked nasty! Yesterday, I woke up and it looked almost completely healed!  Today you can barely see it...just a random but fascinating thought.  Not only are you helping the obvious things like your heart and brain work more efficiently when you eat well, but you are also helping your skin!

P.S. - I could not post a picture of this delish recipe, Morgan, because SOMEONE (meaning me) lost the memory stick to our camera.  Sigh...

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  1. This is one of the best lunches on the planet. YUMMO!