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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Start Your Engines!

Just to kinda finish up the sugar post...once I eliminated most of the processed sugary "stuff" (packaged cakes, cookies, candy, pop, etc) out of my diet I found that my definition of sweet changed.  My tastebuds started registering sweetness much faster than they normally did.  So, in my opinion now, there is nothing much sweeter than a fresh pineapple, peach, pear, banana, even a good plain yam.  It is truly amazing how much my sense of taste has recovered over the past several months.  It's like opening up a whole new dimension of flavors.  ;)  Think I'm full of it?  Try it for yourself!

OK, it is week 15 for me and it marks the end of my first big goal.  I said that I wanted to lose 40 pounds by June 1st...did I make it?  Yep!  This week I lost 3.2 pounds bringing my total to 41.2 pounds lost forever!  My next goal is to lose another 20 pounds by August.  I am planning to go to The Brickyard or Allstate whatever you call it race w/ my hubby and want to wear shorts!  Last time I went with him was before the girls were born and I wore jeans and was MISERABLE!  :(  So here's to another 20!

Here are a few things I am lovin' this week:

Limes - I just can't get enough.  I love them in my water, I love to squeeze them over an avocado half with a tad bit of sea salt and just dig in with a spoon.  Mmmm...lime!  One of the few flavors I like in both sweet and savory dishes!

Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger - I tried this out yesterday and it was very yummy.  It really reminds me of a fav appetizer of mine from Chili's (that is, I am sure, outrageous).  Have you ever had the Southwest Egg Rolls?  The "burger" tastes like a dead-ringer (minus the crispy fried shell).  I think that you could slap one of these babies on a sandwich thin, add some baby spinach, salsa, and either a chipotle mayo or mash up some avocado with ranch and it would be heavenly.  They are also great by themselves!

Fresh Ginger - i have been lovin' this for a while, but I am just now getting to it.  If you have only ever had the ground powder form of ginger - you are missing out!  It has such a powerful but pleasant flavor.  It almost has a citrusy background with the spicy kick we all are familiar with.  It can be used in tea or I love it in stir-fry or as part of a marinade.  It can help ease nausea and I guess it also helps with gallstones...good thing since I have a gall bladder full of them.  (I know, TMI)

Coconut Milk "ice cream" - I bought some the other day at Kroger's for my son who has issues with dairy products.  I, of course, had to try it and OHHHH MYYYY!  ;)  It is fabulous indeed!  The points value of the brand I got - Purely Decadent (Mint Chip) - was 3 for 1/2 a cup.  Pretty standard for ice cream.  I like the fact that there was no dairy or added sugar and there were only a handful of ingredients in it - score!  I found another brand at Sunspot called Coconut Bliss that is slightly higher in the calorie department, but it is also completely organic w/no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.  I'll let you know what I think!

Can't wait to try out some new recipes this week!  I'll be passing along the best of the best!

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