Feelin' Chalky

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meatless Wonders!

Well, this will be short and sweet and then I will more than make up for it next week!

I am prepping for The Greatest Spectacle in Tasting and I am feeling a tad nervous - OK a lot. Come on out and see us perform, y'all!  It is at 6:00 tonight and I promise you won't be disappointed...because there's lots of wine and food to sample!  ;) (shameless plug)

This week was hard for me.  I was up late several nights in a row and I felt like I was eating on the fly a lot more than normal.  My tracking wasn't as "perfect" as I would have liked it to be, but hey, that's reality and I need to learn how to manage in the real world.  I was pretty convinced this was going to be a bad week, but to my surprise...I lost 4 pounds!  :)  That brings my total to 36 pounds.  This is week 13 for me.  My goal was to lose 30 by the Greatest Spectacle performance, and I did that, and then my next goal was to lose 40 by the first of June.  Think I can do it?  We shall see!

Big changes this week?  I have been testing out some meat-free products from Amy's and Morningstar Farms.  I have been pleasantly surprised - really - I'm not going to lie!  I tried both Amy's California Burger and Quarter Pounder and they were great...I can't say they tasted like a beef burger...but I wouldn't expect them to!  I also tried MS Farms Chick Patties - better than normal chicken patties, and MS Farms Riblets which WAY exceeded my expectations!  In fact I made a "Mc.Riblet" Sandwich that was pretty dang good.  I just put the riblet on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin, added pickles and onion , and voila!  The only product I tried that I DIDN'T like was MS Farms' sausage style patties...they weren't bad, but they also weren't that great either.

I have a couple of recipes to pass on next week - breakfasty stuff!  One muffin recipe (that tastes more like a cupcake than a muffin) and the best pancakes ever courtesy of Jamie Oliver!

Hope to see you all tonight for some wining and dining and MUSIC!  RESPECT!  When you come home...


  1. hey aubri,
    don't know if you can have kashi frozen meals, but i think they are pretty good and filling. they are made with all kind of nice grains and lots of veggies. anyway, they are usually really expensive, but this week (starting tomorrow) at target they will be on a special: buy 5 and get a $5 gift card. there are also some coupons out to sweeten the deal. not sure of the normal price there, but i thought i would pass it along. i think it helps to have "easy" food during busy weeks, and this at least is somewhat healthy! :) awesome job on your weight loss, you look great!

  2. oooh!! Thanks! I will have to pick some up!