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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now What?

I'm kind of at the point of my journey where I am thinking, now what?  Don't get me wrong, I am still pressing on using the tools and knowledge I have accumulated, still in it for the long haul, but I feel like there is more.  Obviously, there is more weight to be lost.  My ultimate goal is to be under 200.  I haven't seen that since High School.  I felt healthy and I looked healthy then.  I've got about 84 pounds to go in order to get there.  Even so, I still feel like there is more I can do for myself and for my family to continue on with the healthy changes we have made so far.

I talked about a book that I read a few weeks ago that really rocked my thinking.  If you didn't read my "Skinny What?" post, you can check it out or get more info on the book here.  The book has caused me to question everything I have put in my mouth since.  I find myself looking at every label.  I feel like I am standing on the edge of a big transition in my life and I am scared to jump.

Why am I being so dramatic?  Because as an American I have learned over the years to fall in love with dairy products, sugar, meat by the plateful...and to think about giving it all up??  It's scary.  It's unknown territory for me.  Plus, as a card-carrying people-pleaser I am scared of what people will think!  Sad, but true!  I don't want people to label me with the "v" word.

What is it about vegetarianism or veganism that is so taboo anyway?  I only ask because I have had eye-rolling moments of my own.  Why?  Is it because we feel somewhat intimidated?  Is it because we don't really understand it?  Is it because it makes us question our own behavior?  Is it because there is a common stereotype that if you are vegetarian/vegan you probably are a stinky hippy or attend Lilith Fair or throw pictures of animal carcasses at people at PETA rallies?

I love animals.  I really do.  But, it has always been easy for me to disconnect with the reality of what I am eating because it tasted good and because I thought it was part of a healthy diet.  (OK, maybe not the quarter-pounder with cheese)  Now...I'm not so sure.  Here is what I do know.  I stopped eating beef and pork shortly after I started WW solely because I didn't want to spend so many points on one thing.  I wanted the most food for the least points.  I started eating a lot more turkey products and my fam ate lots of chicken (antibiotic and hormone free when I could find it) and fish.  I don't miss beef or pork.  Now I am at what I consider a "foodie purgatory."  I consider myself a flexitarian.  The word is really quite silly and honestly it's just a nice way to say that I can't make up my mind.  ;)  I eat mostly a vegetarian diet, but I do occasionally still have poultry or fish.  Right now, this is working fine for me.

It really is scary to think about the way food is mass produced, the way we allow things to go on behind closed doors and we just close our eyes and ears to it - myself included.  Can we really trust that the government has our health and wellness in the forefront of their minds or is it really all about padding pockets?  Do I think it is unholy to eat meat or dairy or sugar?  Nope.  But I also don't think that God intended things to be the way they are today.  He loves and cares for all of His creation, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

I'll try to be much more warm and fuzzy with the next post.  ;)

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  1. Great post, Aubri. There are so many ways to get the nutrients we need without ingesting all the things we've been conditioned to believe are "normal". You're on a great path here and one that will lead to a longer, more fulfilling life for you and your family. Keep it up!