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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thai One On

More new recipes coming your way!

I found a couple of gems on the Weight Watchers website that I'd love to pass on.  In fact, there are so many wonderful recipes on the site...you really can find just about anything...even Shrimp Scampi!  Just type in an ingredient that you are wanting to use, for instance, cauliflower.  I did this last night.  And...I found this yummy recipe:

Cauliflower Curry

It was very good...of course I had to add and tweak, but I always do!  ;)  My favorite part of last night was another wonderful recipe from the WW website.  It was beyond words good!  Here is the recipe:

Rich broth with ginger, lime, cayenne, sesame oil, garlic...you get the picture.  Then you add in shrimp and snow peas and mushrooms.  It just warms the soul.  Love it!  Plus, it is SUPER easy to make - extra bonus!  In the recipe it calls for vegetable broth.  I have been using a new product for soups b/c I always end up wasting the broth in the box.  It sits in my fridge and goes bad.  My solution?  Veggie soup base.  You can also use bouillon cubes, but I couldn't find them.  One teaspoon of this stuff dissolved into 8 oz of water makes a cup of broth (duh).  I can mix up just enough for what I need and then pop it back in the fridge until the next time - no waste!  Hooray!  I found mine at Meijer:


  1. Good to know, I was planning on going out during my lunch hour to pick up the ingredients to make this, this weekend. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Okay, follow-up comment. I cannot recommend this soup enough. We just had it for Sunday lunch and it ROCKED the meal!! Morgan said it was the surprise hit of the day. The flavors explode (in a good way) in your mouth. I loved the soup base too. Sandra