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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Changing my mind...

It's funny how I view things a little differently already. Yesterday, I felt I failed. I didn't go over my points, but I just felt like the food I chose to eat wasn't the best use of my points. For instance: I was a very good girl and portioned out the Girl Scout cookies that were staring me in the face. I figured up the point values on each box and decided that the only box WORTHY of "wasting" points on was my beloved Thin Mints. I pulled out the good ol' Ziploc baggies and portioned them out into serving sizes. The serving size is 4 cookies. Who REALLY can only eat 4? I could eat the whole box. However, I only ate four and put the rest away into the freezer. Still...4 points were wasted on crap...yummy, but still crap. That's like 2 apples or 4 cups of fresh pineapple, or 2 large bananas. *Sigh*

Instance #2: The fam wanted pizza last night. I was game, and we got our pizza. Not a great move. Afterwards, I felt sluggish, had horrible heartburn, and used up every last point I had for the day on sub-par pizza (not a reflection on the restaurant, just on take-out in general). I have decided that I would much rather, from here on out, make my own at home. It is less money, less points, and much better for everyone involved. Each slice of THIN CRUST (Dominoes) pizza is STILL 3-4 points a slice, and that is just veggies and cheese. Pizza Hut and Papa John's are even higher. I can make one w/ turkey pepperoni and all the veggies I want for like 5 points...and that's for a whole pizza. (OK a whole pizza means the size of a Flat-Out wrap which is comparable to a burrito-sized tortilla) Oh well. Live and learn.

Today has been much better! :) I made pancakes for the kiddos (they LOVE pancakes!) and was able to restrain myself and only eat 2 small pancakes with just a little drizzle of maple syrup (envision the old me drowning my stack o' pancakes in a pool of fakey, imitation, butter-flavored "syrup"). This only cost me 4 points! And...I was full!

I am really digging the edamame and the risotto turned out pretty good as well even though it was time-consuming! Going to have some lemon-pepper tilapia tonight...

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  1. I totally understand about making the wrong choices with our coveted points. Not just that it's more healthy but that once you are eating it the homemade pizza would have definitely been better for you and tasted better. I think when you love to eat and are "in love with food" it's the envisioning that gets us into trouble. The imagining, almost tasting, the yummy goodness. When really the good stuff tastes just as good. We are so programmed to imagine, envision, smell, feel the "food experience". Commercials, Moms, Grandmas, grocery stores, billboards etc. It's everywhere. I was a big smoker for twenty years. I do believe that God helped take it away from me. But one of the rules I made with myself when quitting was to not even entertain the thoughts of a cigg how good it would taste. How good it would feel to hold it in my fingers. How relaxing it would be. How it would smell. When my mind would go there even a hint, I would push it right out. Think of other things. I do believe it is harder with food as we don't have to smoke at all but we do have to eat. But I think this little tip just might help in the same way. My imagination is always better than the actual thing. We build it up in our minds and attatch so many thoughts and feelings to it. I think I am going to try and start imagining myself thin, healthy, able to run with Emma and most importantly imagine how I feel when I have ate healthy. Full, satisfied, happy and proud of ME! You are doing great Aubri, don't forget to give yourself a break and know we are going to indulge here and there.